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Anisim Lukin

2020 Fusion Version 18 Cracked Extra Quality | Camenex Control Syst

I get it! Autodesk wants to make money! But please, please, PLEASE add Stereo support and a lot of the other requested features. The real problem with this is that it seems like autodesk wants to make money at the expense of their hobbyist/hobbyist users. I love fusion, but it hasn't been updated for almost a year, and with all the fixes you're releasing in the new version, it's going to become very limiting for me, the hobbyist. Fusion is great, but 10 editable files per user really makes it hard to be competitive. As a hobbyist, I don't expect to have 10 files open at once, so it forces me to be tied to the cloud with paying the monthly fees.

2020 fusion version 18 cracked

Fusion should make every file they use accessible in their operation, this includes the ability to email the file to people in the future, and auto-export to any file format youd like to use in your 3D printer.

Fusion doesnt need to spend time and money to try to work around the fact that everyone wants to use STL for making things and OBJ for the same reason, if you want to go commercial youll need to pay a professional subscription and spend the money on STL.

mralephant, having the option to choose which file formats to export for print service providers is important for fusion users. both.obj and.stl are open formats..obj is a little more complicated than.stl because it has non-rectangular faces, but the fundamentals of the geometry are the same. imo, it would be the right choice.

When I first joined Autodesk, my family and I were excited for a subscription option. A subscription option was the main reason we joined Autodesk. Now that we have done that, we are wishing for a free option. We have had Fusion since early 2019 and we spent a small sum of money to buy it, since all our work is done on a free version. I would definitely pay for the free version, if we could.

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