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Where To Buy Blue Blocker Sunglasses

I bought a cheap pair of blueblockers off Amazon and was pleased with the results of not being exposed to blue light constantly. I then heard about BluBlox and how they only filter out the bad blue wavelengths while other glasses just block all. I am so glad I tried them!! They're a hundred times better than the pair I bought, and the Summer Glo is amazing. ALSO- woah it's like putting on high def glasses. Awesome product! Well worth the investment. The quality of the frames is top notch too.

where to buy blue blocker sunglasses

CostBlue light blocking glasses can cost anywhere from $15 to $50, with many models around the $20 price-point. More expensive glasses may offer additional features, such as more unique style options or a greater percentage of blue light blocked. When shopping for blue light blocking glasses, you'll have to weigh the benefits against the cost and keep your personal budget in mind.

Blue light blocking glasses are glasses that are designed to prevent blue light from reaching your eyes. The concept of blue light blockers is based on the discovery that exposure to blue light suppresses the release of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Blocking blue light is therefore thought to be an easy and inexpensive way to help people sleep after using electronics in the evening. Glasses designed to filter out only the most high-energy blue light may also help reduce eye strain during the day.

Traditional blue light blocking glasses are orange- or amber-tinted. As blue light is a visible wavelength, filtering out blue light has an effect on the way you perceive colors. Therefore, while orange and amber blue light blockers may be more effective than clear glasses, most people consider them to be less user-friendly, especially for applications that require seeing colors.

Maybe you work at a youthful start-up or maybe you just want to express your bold personality. Either way, you'll love the blue light collection from Australian sunglasses brand Quay, which brings some unexpected excitement to the computer glasses category with its carefree, music festival-inspired style.

Studies show that blue light can significantly impact your sleep, your brain, and your eyes. In a digital age where we spend significant amounts of time looking at computer, TV and phone screens, the average person is exposed to blue light daily. That's why more people are turning to blue light blocking computer glasses to help protect their eyes. If you regularly use digital devices, you need our blue light filtering glasses for men, women, or kids!

Ahead, we consulted with eye care professionals for advice on where to buy the best blue light blocking glasses. Many of the retailers on this list have been tested by the Forbes Vetted staff and contributors who personally wear and highly recommend these glasses for convenient all-day protection.

Blue light is found in every source of light, but is particularly concentrated in our everyday devicessuch as computer monitors, tablets, phones, and compact fluorescent lightbulbs. Blue light emitted bymodern day devices penetrates to the back of the eye where the damage occurs. This is why the bluelight-blocking eyeglasses market is becoming increasingly popular.

Similarly, if you find yourself squinting after hours on the computer, this may cause wrinkles near the corners of your eyes and forehead. While this is not a physical health concern, it may be of personal importance to you. If you wear sunglasses in the summer to prevent squinting and eye damage, this is equivalent to wearing blue light glasses when looking at your screens. 041b061a72

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