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Fair Game

Well. That's what the film says. There will no doubt be dissent. Few people are happy to be portrayed as liars and betrayers. What amazes me is that "Fair Game" doesn't play the game of using fictional names. They're all right there, including Cheney personally ordering the intelligence to be falsified.

Fair Game


The Upstate Coalition for a Fairgame was created in partnership with casinos in three gaming regions: Rivers Casino & Resort Schenectady, Resorts World Catskills, del Lago Resort & Casino and Tioga Downs Casino Resort.

Each member is committed to their community to present the finest live events available to community and student education; and to being as affordable as possible. Through their community commitment, the Coalition created the Fairgame Arts Grants, a funding program to support cultural organizations in their regions.

And what a movie. In Fair Game, director Doug Liman bravely tackles the now well-known story of how Plame's husband, former career diplomat Joseph Wilson, wrote an op-ed in The New York Times accusing President George W. Bush of knowingly lying in his State of the Union address about the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and how, in return, White House officials leaked Plame's true identity to the media. As MSNBC's Chris Matthews reportedly told Wilson, Karl Rove declared, "Wilson's wife is fair game."

This is surprising at first, given that Liman made his international reputation with the glossy thrillers The Bourne Identity and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. But once you know Liman's personal background, his understanding of how Washington really works makes more sense: his father, Arthur L. Liman, was chief counsel for the Senate investigation into the Iran-contra affair. During this period, Liman visited his father in Washington often, and saw how politics and power directly affected people's lives.

Sport provides the most powerful rebuttal to the myth that we have to choose between fairness and excellence. Sport reminds us that we can celebrate the underdog and cheer the champion. Sport demonstrates that innovation and equality can go together.

Test your World Cup knowledge with this fun online quiz. Investigate geographical similarities and differences, play World Cup Trumps and compare a range of statistics, explore gender inequality through the lens of football, and consider how fairness relates to rules in general.

His passion for food waste turned itself into Fair Game when, after discovering he was unable to donate excess meat after a hunting trip, he realized he could do something that would make a difference. He learnt about the convoluted legal process wild game harvesters go through to get meat on plates, and it spurred a passion that led to the formation of Fair Game Wild Venison.

For the most part, Fair Game is exactly what it says: fair. As with all post-season 3 storylines, it resets the board by ignoring or walking-back what happened the previous year and jumping to its next headline-ripping plot, albeit with one noticeable exception this season, which might be its strongest asset beyond the aforementioned transition team vs. intelligence community drama. And the name of that lingering anguish is Peter Quinn.

More than 100,000 people travel to the State Fair for the AT&T Red River Showdown game between the Texas Longhorns and the Oklahoma Sooners. The game, played in Cotton Bowl Stadium since 1929, is an iconic staple of the State Fair.

Beer is available for purchase both inside and outside the stadium, however, once purchased, no beer or other alcoholic beverages will be allowed to enter or exit Cotton Bowl Stadium on game day.

Then there was the house. I should have known it was going to be a disaster from the first day, when the backhoe pulled the neutral feed and we fried a fair number of the electronics in our house (fairwell, sweet microwave). There was black mold in a roof that should have been vented when the house was built that meant our "little remodel" turned into "it would have been better if we'd burned the house and started from scratch" and a contractor who . . . yes, well uhm. 041b061a72

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