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This Pocket Safe Might Be The Smartest Portable Lockbox We’ve Seen ##TOP##

Since beaches are some of the few places that are open right now, chances are high they'll be pretty crowded this summer. And while it's fun to actually see other humans again, it also means you might not want to leave your iPhone and wallet sitting out unattended on your towel while you go for a swim. Protect your valuables with this portable safe, which has over 2,000 reviews on Amazon. People appreciate that it has a combination lock and a key (in case you forget the code or lose the key) and is both water- and rust-resistant. The heavy-duty steel cable also hooks easily onto anything from your beach bag to your chair.

This pocket safe might be the smartest portable lockbox we’ve seen

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Made by the trusted name Master Lock. This compact portable safe or lock box secures your small essentials in a hardshell case that has a built-in cable and 4 dial lock so you can lock it closed and then lock it down for peace of mind at the field, park, pool or anywhere else you may want to secure your small valuables. this little security box even has an ear/bud/charging cable access port so you can still charge your phone or use the headphone while your phone is secure inside. This is a great feature that most use for charging and while keeping their phone safe if they are away from it. The dimensions are 8W x 3.5 D x 1.25 H. A great value at about $24.00.

SAFEGO is a portable and lightweight travel safe that can virtually attach to anything. Functioning as a personal safe and lock-box with limitless uses, this invention was created and designed specifically for theft prevention, focusing on its durability and interior space. Use SAFEGO in any setting to protect your smart phone, keys, cash, wallet, camera, sunglasses, jewelry, and more.

The Master Lock 5400EC Lock Box is a great large capacity, combination lock box that also benefits from being portable, so that you can attach it over a door knob. Which means you won't have to get your drill out, nor will you have to ask your landlord if you've got one. You can store five keys at one time within this lockbox, which is great if there are various areas of your home that tradespeople or visitors need access to, like your garage or backyard gate. It has a removable shackle for installation on doors within the house and on the exterior of your property. The protective weather covering also means that rain or shine, you'll have a lock box that you can depend on. We say to put it somewhere discreet and out of the way so people who are passing by won't be able to see it.

If you can't afford to invest lots of money in your lock box, this pick from Amazon Basics will get the job done without the added expense. The aluminum and zinc alloy construction of this box should stand strong against rust and breakage, as well as keep your keys safe. Allow contractors and tradespeople to come and go with ease thanks to this excellent value box, which is easy to set up with a combination element allowing for thousands of different combinations. We would perhaps suggest keeping this one inside a cupboard or hidden out of the way, only because it might attract attention.

Also, while this safe clearly can survive a fire, it's not specifically rated as fire- or waterproof. If you're relying on it to keep documents safe, it might be smart to store them in a bag with a 1000+ degree fireproof rating, like this $29.95 one (also from Amazon). 350c69d7ab

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