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Royal Engineers Driver Operator

Once the trainees have completed their licence acquisitions, they will all then have to undergo General Service (GS) driver conversion courses. This is the military input into driver training, essentially turning trainees from pure drivers into operators. All personnel, irrespective of Service/Arm, undertake the GS1 module utilising the MAN SV 6 or 9T truck; this includes elements of motor transport administration (including driver hours, rest periods etc), familiarisation on GS vehicles, their operation, route planning and convoy driving day and night, on and off road. The GS1 module lasts for six days.

Royal Engineers Driver Operator

Following failure of the raid, a Royal Canadian Engineer officer, Lt J.J. Denovan who was attached to the Department of Tank Design, proposed a vehicle to protect engineers during assault operations. Development commenced based on the experiences at Dieppe. Experiments used Churchill, Sherman and Ram tanks. The side door became a critical component for the new vehicle, allowing engineers to exit the vehicle under protection, and retreat back inside while blasting. In October 1942 a prototype based on the Churchill tank was ordered. The Churchill proved ideal, having a large amount of space inside for demolition stores, and side exit doors. The interior munition storage was removed, as was the turret basket and co-drivers seat, replaced with stowage. This provided space for 36 cu. ft. of demolition supplies and tools.

On March 19, 2012, a 56-year-old fire officer was struck and killed at a motor vehicle crash scene. The captain and engineer (driver/operator) of Engine 4 responded initially to a report of a single vehicle crash on a state highway. The vehicle had struck and damaged a natural gas meter which was sheared off below grade causing a natural gas leak. While Engine 4 was responding, the captain requested the response of the gas company. The civilian driver was not injured in the crash. Also, a city police officer responded to investigate the vehicle crash. The captain and engineer initially attempted to control the gas leak, but were unable to do so. The captain contacted the Dispatch Center and requested the response of the gas company be expedited due to the severity of the leak. The captain, engineer, and the police officer were standing on the shoulder of the southbound lane of traffic when a van struck the two fire fighters and the police officer. The captain was killed upon impact. The police officer and engineer were seriously injured and were transported to metropolitan trauma center for treatment.

As well as undertaking combat engineering - performing construction or demolition tasks during operations - all Royal Engineers have a specific trade. These include electrician, plant operator mechanic, plumber, bricklayer, plasterer, carpenter, fabricator, building draughtsman, surveyor, driver and bomb disposal operative.

The combat engineering vehicle has a length of 8.3m, a height of 2.5m, and a width of 3.5m. It can accommodate a crew of three members including a commander, an operator, and a driver. The vehicle has a combat weight of 62,500kg.

When Princess Elizabeth turned 18 in 1944, she insisted upon joining the Army, where she trained as a truck driver and mechanic. She remains the only female member of the royal family to have served in the Army. 041b061a72


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