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Baywatch Torrent Download - Everything You Need to Know About the Movie

i feel that johnson and his co-stars are investing their big personalities into flimsy material. the overall effect, therefore, is one of mild amusement. the crowd are characters, and the action is mediocre, besides the fact that there are so many jokes that are crammed into a single shot. you have seen it all before and you still laugh for the cheap shots. the best person for the job is not the actor. it is the director. he knows exactly the right direction to take a comedy. perhaps if you are feeling more like a summer blockbuster, you might be delighted. but most movie-goers want something more than a crass rehash of something from the 1980s.


i am sure not everyone will like the way the movie plays, but i enjoyed watching it. it's just a shame that there are so many annoying things about the movie that take away from the enjoyment of it. the movie is not an original idea, but it is a pleasant movie. the musical numbers were the only thing that i thought were really good. in particular, the song that zac efron sang in the end was really good.

the lifeguard is too much a friendless classic-detective for its own good. it is the struggle that makes the sport and the sport is the struggle, not the bigger busty girl who actually does get rescued. this is so annoying. it would be far better if it was the gaggle of people who started out as friends instead of a bunch of big-breasted girls. if anything, i thought this entire movie went wrong when i realized these are the good guys. actually, the only thing that makes any sense is that if you get put into a lifeguard, you're not going to be the biggest or hottest lifeguard. therefore, you're probably going to be the least likely to be rescued. the movie seems to make a big deal of the "stripper" lifeguard, but i just kept thinking to myself "why?" since when did being a stripper equate to being a good lifeguard? i also think it was a horrible idea to take a picture of a dead body on a beach, because the police can use that picture to track down the killer.

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