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Kirsty Young Hairstyles

The right hairstyles for thin hair can be so clever that they create an illusion of fullness. And celebrities are a great source of inspiration for trying different styles at home. Not everyone in the lime light has thick, flowing locks but they do have stylists on hand to show them how to make flyaway hair look full-bodied.

kirsty young hairstyles

Her own career path has been interesting, to say the least. She has reached the top of an industry that, traditionally, requires either some formal journalistic training or the right connections. The young Kirsty Young had neither.

'My first boyfriend's parents had a copy of The Joy of Sex on their shelves,' she says.'I did look at it, but not properly. I was probably too young to deal with it, even though I thought I was pretty sophisticated. My parents certainly didn't have a copy.' By parents she means her mother and the stepfather she has always thought of as her father.They married when she was three. Her biological father, a policeman, walked out on the family when Kirsty was three weeks old. She was born in East Kilbride, near Glasgow, and raised from the age of eight in Stirling, where she attended a coeducational state school.When I ask if she was precocious there, she says:'Yes.Yes I was.'And how old was she when she first had a boyfriend? 'I suppose my first boyfriend was the one who took me skating, and who walked me home from school. I was 12. I had my first kiss when I was 13. On my parents' driveway. It was a moment of great magic,actually.'And when she first had sex? How old then? 'Oh much older. I was a good Protestant girl. I was living in Scotland.Too cold there.You don't take your vest off until you are 21.'

The British family is a good subject forYoung because she speaks as a mother (to an eight year-old and a three year-old), a stepmother (to teenage children, 14 and 16) and a daughter of divorce. Did she talk to her mother about what went wrong in her parents' marriage? 'When I was very young, my mother told me she had been married before and she must have also told me I was the daughter of that marriage, and so was my sister. She told me again when I was five or six and she said:"Do you remember I told you?" but I didn't. So she talked about it in a glancing way.We didn't really talk about it properly until I was in my mid to late teens, but at that age you are only focused on yourself.To her credit, my mother wore her divorce very lightly. It was not her identity. It is not a painful subject for her.'

Even so, there was still a stigma attached to divorce by society at the time. Her mother remembers someone saying 'and you with those two young girls as well', as if it was a stain on her character.And if her mother wore her divorce lightly, it may have been for her daughter's benefit, because, for all her precociousness, the teenage Kirsty did have, as they say nowadays,'issues'.

The world in which they grew up was pretty sexist by today's standards. One of the most popular programmes on television in the early Seventies was MissWorld.'Can you believe the way they got the contestants to turn around so as they could see their backsides?'Young says. 'So excruciating. But it was a big event in our house. In fact, we would go next door to watch it because they had a colour television. It was family viewing. I suppose you could say that at least the objectification of woman was all out in the open then. We are not as explicit about it these days.'We are in sensitive territory here, I suspect.Young is a skilful interviewer, but in the past her critics have suggested that, well, her being easy on the eye has not exactly hurt her career.'That's a hard one for me to judge,' she says when I ask about this.'I'm perfectly reasonable looking, but I don't think I am arm candy. It's certainly not the case that I was such a stratospherically good-looking person that I think they could only have chosen me for my looks. I think I look presentable. But whatever I say on this subject I am only going to end up sounding stupid.' I ask if she has encountered sexism in her career. 'Yes, but not badly enough to make me want to throw in the towel. I don't think it hindered my progress. There were one or two glancing blows perhaps.And there was one occasion when it did bother me and I didn't know what to do about it. I didn't deal with it particularly well, but I was very young.The flip side is I also gained from being a woman and Scottish. Because I came along at a time when networks were wanting to diversify.Thirty-five years ago, there wouldn't have been Scottish newsreaders.And you certainly wouldn't have had a young, female Scottish newsreader. So I think probably I would be kidding myself if I thought my being Scottish and my being a woman hasn't helped me, if I'm being honest.' She tells me a story about Michael Heseltine at the 1996 Tory party conference. She was trying to persuade him to appear on Channel Five.'He said:"I'm not going to have some little smartarse in a short skirt get the better of me." And I thought, how interesting.That made quite an impression on me.

Yolanda Foster is a proud mama. According to her Instagram and Twitter, the younger of her two daughters, Bella Hadid, made her runway debut at Tom Ford yesterday. Her older sister Gigi walked in the same show.

Wait, this is ready-to-wear in New York, right? But for the West Side Highway and Chelsea Piers looming outside the glass windows of the corrugated IAC Building, one could be forgiven, viewing the Delpozo show, for hallucinating that one was at the Paris couture. Very-young-seeming models progressed with stately slowness around a set of white-twigged trees, with enormous hair ribbons tied around their heads, wearing fantastical creations such as a Little Red Riding Hood cape, blouses with inflated balloon sleeves and pleated flower-adorned gowns.


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