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Fish Bot Metin2 Download

Fishbot is a great answer. I would just set it up, let it run over night or a few hours when I wasn't playing. Then I'd come back to full inventory. People were buying living fish, grilled fish, pieces of stone, clams, pearls. I would be making enough money just from fishing. But if you're playing with the original fishing system and you have big enough monitor, you can do both dropping and fishing simultaneously.

Fish Bot Metin2 Download


The best thing is that it literally doesn't interact nor manipulate with any of the game's files, so it is programmatically untraceable. Now, if you keep dropping living fish - that's a different story.

It's possible to fish on multiple clients at once. Just run multiple instances of SmartFish, one for every Metin2 client. It's more difficult with the new fishing system where you need to be fishing in the 'Still fish' mode. The bots might want to click at the same time, but this mode reduce the chances dramatically.

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