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Gerasim Fists

Dany Dreams Set 13 [CRACKED]

"He was very philosophical, very responsible, a special person in there," Marco Venegas, a native of Chile who worked in OPERA and is now a minister in Sweden's parliament, told me. "He was young, and he had a lot of dreams about the future."

Dany Dreams Set 13

"To win a third Women's Futsal EURO is like a dream come true. Not even in my wildest dreams could I imagine I would be experiencing moments like this. We were focused from the start of the match and this team's character does not allow us to feel any pressure for being the favourites. Every single player gave it their all on the pitch and I think we truly deserve to lift the trophy. What a night!"

At Meereen Xaro warns Daenerys about Pyat Pree trying to get his revenge. Ser Barristan Selmy voices his concern to Dany about Pyat Pree. From Qarth, Quaithe speaks to Dany through her dreams, warning her to beware of the Greyjoys, the warlocks, and the Martells. 041b061a72

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