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Fete [2021]

The winter fete, also referred to as the King and Queen's fete,[1] is held at the Grand Palace towards the end of the winter season. It's attended by nobles and Grisha. Genya Safin considers the fete to be the most lavish party of the year,[2] while the Darkling believes it a waste of time.[1]


Alina Starkov and the other Grisha are excused from their classes the day of the winter fete. Alina is given a black kefta for the first time: the Darkling's color. After Genya does her makeup, Alina heads to the ballroom, where she is introduced to countless noblemen. Among them is Duke Keramsov, the owner of the orphanage in which she grew up, although he doesn't recognize her.

The winter fete is held in the ballroom of the Grand Palace. Before the dancing, an elaborate dinner is served to the nobles, including roasted lynx, salted peaches, and burnt swan. The Grisha mingle and dance, easily identifiable in their colorful keftas. Servants walk around with glasses of champagne, which guests can drink at their own discretion.[1] 041b061a72

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