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Itinerari Basilicata Coast To Coast A Piedi

The coastal town of Portofino is one of the most beautiful European ports to sail into. It also has a wealth of excellent hotels like the Hotel Splendido and the Grand Hotel Miramare, plus great shopping, and of course, that radiant coastline. Even better? It's less than an hour's drive to the port city of Genoa (aka, the birthplace of pesto and focaccia).

itinerari basilicata coast to coast a piedi


Hotel Santavenere is located on a secluded stretch of the Mediterranean coastline just below the village of Maratea. The hotel itself sits among a beautiful garden with stellar views of the sea just a short walk or golf cart ride below. With a private beach, pool, on site restaurant and the best spa I have ever been to, you hardly want to leave this little slice of heaven.

The true delights, though, are the small towns with white plastered houses along the coast, such as Monopoli and Otranto, many of them boasting old Venetian fortresses and some of the best beaches in Puglia.

Explore the gorgeous towns of Positano, Amalfi, Atrani, and Ravello that seem impossibly clung to the side of the mountainous coast that appear to tumble into the sea.

Other points of interest along the Sorrento coast include Nerano, Marina del Cantone and Stabiae. The renowned Ieranto Bay is nice excursion from Sorrento. Located at the tip of the Sorrentine peninsula jutting out into the Mediterranean Sea. The bay can be reached by taking a path that starts out in Nerano. Here you can enjoy hiking trails while taking in the breathtaking views out to Capri.

Enjoy Matera, the new 007 destination, in James Bond style! Inspired by the latest 007 movie, you will be driving a vintage Spyder through a magnificent coastline to the city of Matera, staying in boutique hotels with lavish spa experiences, and exploring ancient temples, caves and surrealist art. From May to November, you can even try a zip-line experience for two people through the medieval village of Basilicata. Or you can pilot your own acrobatic plane.

The beach at Santa Maria al Bagno is a sheltered and scenic respite from some of the more popular stretches of Ionian coastline. This clean cove of fine white sand is surrounded by sea walls, creating a secluded enclave perfect for swimming and snorkelling.

The entire coastline here can be traversed, leaving you to explore at will. Walk through the low shrub, over wooden walkways and around jagged cliffs, stopping to admire the scenery, for a drink at a beachside bar, or to inspect the fallen 16th tower at Torre Pozzelle.

Contrasting popular Positano, Corricella is one of the coastal small towns in Italy that you may have never heard of! Corricella is a port on the island of Procida, which is in the Bay of Naples. Although it is quite close to popular Capri, Procida gets relatively few tourists. As you watch the fishermen or take in the view of the many colorful houses, you may feel transported back in time.

Embrace the soul of Italy found in history, culture, and cuisine on your custom-tailored Italy that will take you away from the beaten path to explore rugged coastlines, pristine beaches, historical towns, and archeological treasures. Stretch your legs along the Amalfi Coast and expand your understanding of ancient heritage found along the peninsula dating back to the Greeks. Uncover brilliant Baroque architecture and charming fairytale homes, the splendor of Capri and the charm of contemporary... Read MoreCustomizable ItineraryExpand AllDay 1

The morning returns with the panorama sweeping across the grandeur of the seaside. You will revel in the beauty of the water, the colorful homes, and in the returning bustle to the city streets seen from the window of your hotel dining room. Your driver will greet you in the hotel lobby after breakfast eager to lead you along the famous 25-mile stretch of road known as the Amalfi Coast. The narrow thoroughfare winds along the promontories and steep cliffs wedged against the Tyrrhenian Sea linking Positano in the west to Vietri sul Mare in the east. The drive blends the scenery of colorful coastal homes and towns climbing the ridges amidst lemon groves and winding streets with the terrifying view down steep cliffside plunging into the water.

The town of Conca dei Marini displays the charm of the Amalfi Coast without the crowds that pour through Positano or Amalfi. The shoreline has soft, quiet beaches embracing the romantic ambiance and lead to a maze of narrow lanes weaving into the pockets of the mountainside where pastel tower homes and cottages glint in the sunlight. The neighboring town of Priano is decorated with majolica tiles along the votive shrines. The town derives from a history of Greek settlements and the tower soaring above the coastline once defended the citizens from Saracen pirates during the reign of the Amalfi Republic.

Travel Italy from toe to heel during your 12-day tour following the illustrious coastlines of the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic seas. The majesty of Southern Italy is rooted in the soulful mixture of crystalline waters, chalky white cliffs, verdant vineyards, pastel-colored homes, and lush olive groves sprawling across the countryside. The famous towns of the Amalfi Coast and Campania illustrate the iconic beauty of the Italian shores while lesser-visited villages in Puglia exemplify spirit in the authenticity of medieval lanes and traditional restaurants. Venture along the well-tread path and then branch away onto the rare roads for insight into pristine beaches, enchanting archeological sites, and rugged mountainous coastline.

Dopo aver lasciato la Piana di Metaponto, concludiamo il nostro Basilicata coast to coast sul Mar Tirreno, vicino a Maratea. Su questo versante la costa lucana è più frastagliata che sullo Ionio, ma è comunque possibile trovare delle bellissime spiagge.

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