Auma's  Story

Auma's Story: The Animated Short is an experimental film that uses satire to discuss California's new world of cannabis. It is loosely based on the documentary Auma's Story.Watch the trailer, Subscribe to the Oz Collective on YouTube and follow us on Instagram (@aumasstory) to get updates on screening opportunities for Auma's Story: The Animated Short.  

About Auma

Auma's Story is an exploratory documentary that is still in production. It will include a year of interviewing and celebrating women of cannabis. They are farmers, sellers, enthusiast, advocates and activist just to name a few. We discuss their experiences at the peak of post-cannabis-prohibition. Will they succeed in the new for-profit cannabis market ? Or are the barriers too high in the competitive cannabis landscape. The answers are in Auma's Story which uses animation and real life women to create a new narrative. Please support the documentary Auma's Story in doing so you help build a platform for their voices.  Every bit counts. Thank you so much for your support!

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