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 About ART on W.O.D.

Oz Collective Media in partnership with Media Alliance introduce our new media arts programs which fosters creativity and art collaboration in our community. Our New  ART on W.O.D. Program is a shared mission between community members and artist who all have the same goal of storytelling through the media arts


The program includes media art workshops that utilize drawing, painting, photography, and animation as tools to help participants tell a story. We will devote  a certain amount of workshops for youth. In addition, some will serve adults who have the will and desire to grow their self-vision through art. ART on W.O.D. provides a platform for community members to share their personal narratives.    

To learn more about the ART on W.O.D. workshops DOWNLOAD A BROCHURE

Our next workshops will be in September 2019.

Sacramento, CA | | 916-883-3950